Sunday, January 1, 2012


    Wow! Another year has come and passed. This year flew by in a blur of school, work, family and friends. 2011 blessed me with great memories, my first Warped Tour, a mess of new friends, a pet turtle, and so much more. As we speak my neighbors are setting off fireworks and families and friends throughout the US Central Time Zone are toasting, kissing, and celebrating surviving another year. 
    For me, 2012 looks like losing weight, somehow surviving Sophomore Review, turning 21, and a summer spent working, going to as many concerts as possible, and generally loving my life. I pray that you all find yourself as blessed as I am in 2012 and should we all survive 12-21-12, I look forward to welcoming 2013 with all of you. Now get off the computer and go be with the people you love!
Love, paint, and a little magic,

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