Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hey, everybody! I hope you're all doing fabulously well! I just wrapped up the second semester of my Junior year here at school, and just like last summer I'll be working on campus in the PR office. I consider myself very blessed to have a job I love so much!

What this means for you is a new series (hopefully mixed in with posts about my goings-on over the summer)! My plans for the (yet un named) series are to present to you a new way to create, modify, or repair a clothing item each week, and every tutorial will include at least one item that you probably already have at home!

A few to look out for over the summer include:

  • A DIY sundress using a t-shirt you already own.
  • How to repair the dreaded inner-thigh rip in your jeans.
  • How to re-cover TOMS (or other canvas shoes).
  • An updated (and hopefully simpler) DIY on how to stencil t-shirts.
  • Many much more!
So keep a look out for crafty clothing DIYs coming soon to a computer-enabled device near you!

Stay Crafty!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On Volunteering at the Color Run

Do you like getting covered in color, meeting new friends, and getting a free t-shirt, but you aren't so keen on running? Then I highly recommend volunteering at the Color Run when it comes to your city! On Saturday my roommate Valeri and I went down to St. Louis to volunteer at the Color Run. We had no idea what we would be doing, but we got lucky and were assigned to be "color throwers," the people who pelt the runners with colored corn starch along the race course. Despite the fact that mother nature rained on us for most of the time, we had an awesome experience and can't wait to go back next year!

Now, anyone who knows me can tell you, when I get excited about doing something, I research the crap out of it. I make lists, read review blogs, watch YouTube videos, and basically gather as much information as I possibly can. However, when it comes to the Color Run, there seemed to be tons of advice for runners, but not a whole lot for volunteers. So, here I present to you a list of tips for Color Run Volunteers:
  • Show up to check in a little early. We showed up about 15 minutes early and we were asked where we wanted to volunteer.
  • If you have some sort of delusions that you will be less messy than the runners, you couldn't be more wrong. As such, bring a full change of clothes. Like, down to your underwear. Everything you wear while volunteering will end up in a trash bag in your trunk.
  • On that note, bring a trash bag to put your dirty clothes in. Your car will thank you.
  • Bring wipes and/or washcloths and gallon jugs of water to clean yourself off with after the race.
  • Bring cash for parking. Most Color Runs are held in large cities where you will have to pay to park, and most lots/garages won't take cards.
  • On that note, bring your ID and bank card.
  • Make sure to eat before you arrive and make plans to eat right after you leave. You'll be wiped out and super hungry.
  • Dress to work, you'll probably be doing more manual labor than you think. Along with throwing color, we helped to do all of the set-up and break-down for the orange color zone which included unloading and assembling flags and inflatables as well as unrolling tarps on each side of the track and hauling around barrels of color. What I'm saying is, a sundress and flip flops aren't going to cut it.
  • Bring sheets or drop cloths to cover your car's seats. Unless you're after a custom rainbow-colored interior. 
  • Make friends with your fellow volunteers, be enthusiastic, and have fun!
Volunteering was a really great time and I highly recommend it for almost anyone (little kids are probably a no-go, but the 12+ set will have a blast!)! So sign up to volunteer, get a free shirt, and have an awesome day!

Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Lens Burritos

Behold! The long-awaited (Sorry, Sarah!), much anticipated How to make a DIY lens burrito blog tutorial! Wheee! Here goes....


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why It's Convenient to Be Crafty

    So... I'm shamefully aware that I haven't posted a blog in a while. I'm really trying to get better about that. Presently I'm working on my Junior Seminar, so hopefully I'll get around to posting some of my more lovely shots. Anyway, I wanted to post something quick before I scurry off to choir rehearsal, so I give you:

Why It's Convenient to Be Crafty
  1. Whenever you need a gift for someone (birthday, baby shower, thanks-for-helping-me-move, etc) people always love hand made gifts. A friend helped me move (twice!) last summer, and as a thank-you I gave him a mug that I made. He was so excited about it!
  2. You see a dress/skirt/bag you love, (on Modcloth, at Target, whatever) but it's out of your price range. Never fear! You can make that yourself! (This is especially handy when you're in college and more than six dollars is "out of your price range.")
  3. You have a convenient source of income that doesn't require that you even leave your house. You're already making beanies/necklaces/backpacks/dresses/lens cozies/headbands, so why not make money while you're doing it?
  4. You make all kinds of friends in your college dorm because you have all sorts of oddball tools/supplies that people never knew they needed. Pliers? Check! Iron? Check! Stamping ink? Check! 23 colors of glitter? Check! 3 different finishes of Mod Podge? Check! Spring-loaded scissors? Check!
  5. You can do all of your own mending! You are not among those silly folk who have to throw away their favorite pair of jeans just because they have a mere tear in the thigh or a hole in the pocket!
  6. You will also make tons of friends because people know that you know how to do really oddball things like stencil t-shirts with no screen printing supplies, fix broken suspenders, develop film photographs, and a whole other list of unusual activities.
There are obviously many other reasons, but that's what you get for now. Have an excellent Tuesday night!