Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why It's Convenient to Be Crafty

    So... I'm shamefully aware that I haven't posted a blog in a while. I'm really trying to get better about that. Presently I'm working on my Junior Seminar, so hopefully I'll get around to posting some of my more lovely shots. Anyway, I wanted to post something quick before I scurry off to choir rehearsal, so I give you:

Why It's Convenient to Be Crafty
  1. Whenever you need a gift for someone (birthday, baby shower, thanks-for-helping-me-move, etc) people always love hand made gifts. A friend helped me move (twice!) last summer, and as a thank-you I gave him a mug that I made. He was so excited about it!
  2. You see a dress/skirt/bag you love, (on Modcloth, at Target, whatever) but it's out of your price range. Never fear! You can make that yourself! (This is especially handy when you're in college and more than six dollars is "out of your price range.")
  3. You have a convenient source of income that doesn't require that you even leave your house. You're already making beanies/necklaces/backpacks/dresses/lens cozies/headbands, so why not make money while you're doing it?
  4. You make all kinds of friends in your college dorm because you have all sorts of oddball tools/supplies that people never knew they needed. Pliers? Check! Iron? Check! Stamping ink? Check! 23 colors of glitter? Check! 3 different finishes of Mod Podge? Check! Spring-loaded scissors? Check!
  5. You can do all of your own mending! You are not among those silly folk who have to throw away their favorite pair of jeans just because they have a mere tear in the thigh or a hole in the pocket!
  6. You will also make tons of friends because people know that you know how to do really oddball things like stencil t-shirts with no screen printing supplies, fix broken suspenders, develop film photographs, and a whole other list of unusual activities.
There are obviously many other reasons, but that's what you get for now. Have an excellent Tuesday night!

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