Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Operation Freshman Year: Complete!

Wow! I made it! My last final of Freshman year is complete! It's kind of a dizzying feeling. It seems like just yesterday I was a lost newcomer, joining clubs, diving into classes, trying to discover how I was going to make my mark on Backburn. 8 (shockingly short!) months later, I have one more week of work and choir commitments until I head home for the summer. This year has been amazing in so many ways. I have been pushed beyond what I thought my limits were, discovered new interests, found out some things I don't like. I have made so many awesome friends that have helped me get through this emotional rollercoaster of a year. Friends who have stood up for me, been there for me, dragged me out to parties when all I wanted to do was stay in and feel sorry for myself, friends who have gone adventuring at 3am, blown bubbles on the quad at midnight, helped me sidewalk chalk in the freezing cold, lent me clothes, helped me study, given me rides. As I find my group of friends expanding, I find that I am so blessed to know not only the new friends I have made this year, but the old ones that have stuck with me from childhood, church groups, high school, summer camps, and more. I am the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to the people who love me. So, as I head into my first college summer, looking for a job, road tripping, and hanging out with friends, I feel like I have to much to look forward to. Despite all the bad things: heart break, anxiety attacks, frustration, and fights; this year has truley taught me who I can always depend on. So, Sophomore year, here I come!

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