Sunday, June 5, 2011

She's a Word Nerd

     ...And by "she" I mean me. I love words, almost as much as I love art and music. Words like saccharine, audacious, ambiguous, emphatically, triskaidekaphobia, and antidisestablishmentarianism. Even made-up words like skrumphulogophas (That's a Larra and Ashley Original). I love how they sound, how the work, and how they make us feel. Sometimes I'll learn a word so great that I'll have to text my friend Ashley, fellow Word Nerd and verbal enthusiast, and tell her about this great word that I have just learned.
     Many people have asked me how I did so well in school for my whole life without ever having to put forth more effort than I wanted to. The truth is: I read. I taught myself to read at the young age of three. I have loved books ever since I learned to read them. Now you (or your kid) may not love to read, but well, tough it out. Having such an above-average reading level put me years ahead of my peers when it comes to comprehension: the part of reading that means you remember and understand what you have read. This helped me in everything from Chemistry text books to Advanced Lit novels to Choir sheet music to toothpaste tubes and soda bottles. To put it as simply as I know how: knowing how to read means knowing how to understand.
     So, get out there and grab a book! Learn to love words! I promise (Why, yes, that is italicized, bold, and underlined. This is serious stuff.) that there is at least one book in this world for each and every person. Look at Borders, look on Amazon, look at a used book store, look at a flea market. Find out what you love to read about and then keep reading!
Go find a book!
Love, kisses, and vintage pages,

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