Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saving Summer Memories: The Harvest Moon Drive-In

    Okay, folks, you're going to have to excuse this shamelessly promotional post, because it's really important to me.
    How many of you have ever gone to a drive-in movie? Those of you who have know that it's an experience like none other, and those that haven't are missing out. When you go to a drive-in movie you're not just going into a theater, sitting down, and watching a film, you're having an experience. You get there early to ensure a good parking spot. You enjoy the cheesy old music playing on the radio while you grill out, spend time with friends and family, and wait for the movie to start. Maybe you plan to watch the movie from the comfort of your lawn chairs, or maybe you're relaxing with blankets and snacks in the back of your date's el camino, or maybe you have 4 teenagers crammed in the front of your boyfriend's tiny car so everyone can see. No matter what you're doing, you're sure to have an experience that's uniquely yours. 
    Drive-ins are literally the perfect Friday night for anyone: families with little kids, nursing moms, families with teenagers, dates, groups of friends, mom and dad's date night. You can enjoy the drive in any way you need to, so you can do whatever is easiest and most comfortable for you and your group. 
    Here's where it gets sticky: The Harvest Moon Drive-In is scheduled to close next year if they can't raise $120,000 to convert their facilities to play digital films, which really really sucks. So many people, myself included, have a lifetime of memories at the Harvest Moon from family trips, dates with boys, to taking my best friend on a "date" and tumbling out of the back of my van :P the Harvest Moon has been a part of some of my favorite memories, and I can't imagine my kids not being able to make their own memories there in the future. So if you have even a dollar to spare, would you do me a favor? Head over to The Harvest Moon's Kickstarter campaign and show your support for one of our nation's fastest dwindling icons. Also, check out their website and see why it's an amazing place worth saving.

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