Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hipster Conundrum

    A "thing" recently is Hipsters. Hipsters I guess are supposed to have a love of all things off-beat, indie, or vintage, and eschew anything that could be considered popular or mainstream, unless they like it ironically. Hipsters are huge into dry wit and irony.
   The term "hipster" means so many things these days that I'm pretty sure I could relevantly attach it to almost anyone. Except Snookie. Snookie is not a Hipster.
    Anyway, a lot of my friends call me a hipster. I used to argue with them about it, but I've just kind of accepted it at this point. I mean, if someone calls you a hipster and you come back with, "No, I'm not!" all they're going to say is, "That's what all hipsters say." and if you just agree with them, well then you've agreed with them. I mean, I love a good thrift shop as much as the next girl, I could spend hours drooling over so-ugly-they're-cute clothes on American Apparel, and I'm sarcastic as the day is long, also, I've started ironically calling myself a hipster, just to confuse people.

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