Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So, It's December...

Hello, my fine readers (all 8 of you.), so it's December and I haven't published any posts since October 5th...

Anyway, I've had a crazy busy semester. Just one thing after another on the personal chaos front and (to put it in perspective for you) taking on Junior Seminar actually seems less stressful than having to live the past semester over again. The good news is, it will be over in 4 days and I can spend a month basking in the fabulousness of my friends and family.

Does anyone out there have any amazing plans for Christmas (or your chosen winter holiday) break? I'm going to take part in the aforementioned basking as well as having myself a belated 21st birthday party! I'm also going to try to land a few small photography jobs, so hit me up on Facebook if you need pictures of any sort! I can even shoot black and white film for you few purists out there.

Also, I just sneezed with soda in my mouth and ended up spitting it all over my tank top, so that's a thing that happened.

On that note, I'll be changing my shirt now. Have a lovely evening and look forward to some fun DIYs as Christmas grows closer (and the broke among us grow more desperate for gift ideas)!

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