Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to Be Branded an "Indie-Hipster" at Your Liberal Arts College

    Allow me to preface this by saying I'm not mocking "hipsters" or whatever, I post these things because I'm generally regarded as an "Indie-Hipster-Artist" around here, and many of the following things I do and/or have done. So, without further ado....
  1. Be an Art major. Because apparently nobody just loves art, everyone has some ironic back story about how they hate their step dad and art is their form of passive aggressive rebellion. On that note...
  2. Hate your step dad. You don't really have to have a step dad, just hate him anyway.
  3. Wear glasses. Even if you actually have crap for vision, wearing glasses is seen as incredibly "hipster."
  4. Don't sleep. Ever. It's so overrated. Sleep when you're dead.
  5. Talk a lot about your "vision." It doesn't matter what your "vision" is for: art, music, poetry, psychology, just talk about it. All. The. Time.
  6. Drink completely unreasonable amounts of coffee. I'm talking at least a pot a day.
  7. Make/refashion/repurpose your own clothes. Because nothing is cooler/more hipster/more ironic than wearing something you made.
  8. Wear TOMS shoes. Also, hate BOBS for the sheer fact that Sketchers are money-grubbing attention ^!*%$s.
  9. Ironically hate half the people you spend time with on a daily basis. Tell no one who it is that you actually like.
  10. Drink tons of Peace Tea. Obviously when you aren't consuming unreasonable amounts of coffee.
  11. Gripe about how there isn't a Starbucks on campus or even withing walking distance.
  12. Date a Computer Science major. They're geeky cute and not as pretentious as, say, Math majors.
  13. Read poetry. You don't have to understand it, just read it anyway.
    Expect a part two at some point in the near future, probably soon following a post about Choir Retreat 2011. That's pretty much all I've got for now. Nap time, homework, and Bingo to follow. XO<3

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