Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Day At a Time

    Today I practically danced around my house, which is really not unusual in any way, but today it was because I managed to fit into one of my old pairs of size 10 jeans! That might not sound all that amazing, but as many of you know, I have been struggling with my weight all year, and at times getting very frustrated with my lack of progress. When I came home for Spring break I was weighing in at 172 pounds, well over the recommended "healthy weight" for a 5'2" woman, in fact, many physicians consider anything over 169 pounds (at my height) obese. I am happy to say that, at 159 pounds, I am now 13 lbs lighter and well on my way to my goal. I still have almost 40 lbs to lose in order to be firmly back in the "healthy" range of 101 to 136 pounds and to reach my goal of 120.
    I a having to constantly remind myself to set small, short term goals, and to celebrate every step of the way. I hope to be all the way to my weight loss goal by next summer. I know that this will mean sacrificing a lot of the sweets and junk food that I so often enjoy. I believe that God has answered my prayers for help as I find myself frequently without a taste for sugary treats, and drinking a lot of Peace Tea and much less soda. So, in order to keep myself accountable and so that I have clear goals, I'm going to set them here, online.
By Midterm:
145-148 lbs
By Fall Finals:
135-140 lbs
Size 7-9 jeans/dress

    There I have it: set, reasonable goals for myself. I'm also working on a plan to reach them, and I believe that I will with discipline and help from God and the people who love me enough to confiscate that chocolate bar. :)

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