Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why BINGO at Blackburn is like Crack and WWE Rolled into One.

    The first thing most people think of when they hear the word "Bingo" is either little old ladies gathered in the community rec center or possibly that old B-I-N-G-O Was His Name-o song if you have toddlers. The last thing they think of is a common building full of pajama clad college students who have been there for hours, staking out prime spots, tweaking on Mountain Dew, and waiting in line to get a Bingo card. Those people have never been to Blackburn College on Bingo night, because that is exactly what you will see. 
    "Baby Bingo," the first few Bingo nights of the semester are comparatively tame, all is in good fun, and there are actually spots where you can see the floor. People clap for the winners and nobody steals your sofa when you go to the restroom. However, the prizes get  bigger and better as the semester goes on until you reach "Platinum Bingo" where students play for prizes such as flat screen TVs, iPods, or digital video cameras. On Platinum Bingo night students arrive two, three, and even four hours early. They come armed with snacks, coffee, and blankets. As the winnings progress from gift cards to the bigger prizes, calls of "She doesn't even go here!" and "This is bull!" begin to call out. Campus Security is a present force, there to squelch any unruly or excessively unsporting students. Last year a student swore and shouted at a girl who won an iPod.
    The college continues to evolve the rules and conditions surrounding Bingo nights in order to keep them fun and safe for everyone, but as you can see and despite all assumptions, this is not your Grandma's Bingo.

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