Friday, April 6, 2012


    Easter will be here in a few days and this time of year always gets me thinking about selfless sacrifice, our Savior's and others. I think about all if the people in my life who have given something up to make sure I got what I needed or even just wanted. I think about all of the soldiers who sacrifice time with their families, and some even their lives, to make sure I can live in peace, pursuing my art degree and enjoying the freedoms that their service ensures. I think about all of the times my parents gave up time they could have used to clean or work or relax to come support me in choir or show choir or plays or musicals or art shows or ballet recitals or t-ball games or any of the million other things I have tried throughout my life. 
    All of this to say that I'm emphatically grateful to all of my family, friends, teachers, and everyone who has ever helped me, supported me, taught me, and encouraged me to be everything that I can be and to do the best I possibly can. So in this time when we're thanking God for the sacrifice of his son for our salvation, also take a moment to thank those around you who have made a difference in your life, and thank God for putting them there.
    Now, get off my blog and go be with your family. Have a great Easter.

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