Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things Come to An End

    As the Spring semester comes to a close, students everywhere are in a blind rush to the finish. For some, the end of this year brings graduation and life after college; for others of us it just brings another summer of work, saving money, staying up too late, and going back to school in the fall. Sometimes the chaos of the end of the year can get pretty overwhelming and students really have to remember to take a break every now and then so they don't get worn down by finals, projects, papers, packing, and everything else one has to deal with.
    So, this afternoon I was doing just that: laying on my bed, eyes closed, blocking out everything except the low hum of my box fan and the gurgle of Jude and Gilbert's water filters. I thought about the rough parts of my year: dealing with my dad's deployment, multiple family kerfuffles, drifting away from some people who I thought were really good friends. And then I thought about all of the reasons I've been blessed this year: dad returning unscathed, all of the new friends (and two awesome roommates) I've been blessed with this year, all of the old friends that I've stayed close to, the opportunities to learn new things, all of the constructive criticism I received in Sophomore Review. I've realized that, all in all, even through the low points when I felt lonely and overloaded, I've had a pretty good year and I'm looking forward to an even better summer!
    So, bring on Summer 2012 and my Junior year. I can't wait.

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