Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blackburn: Home Away from Home

    So, I found a scholarship that requires me to write a short essay on why my school is special. I could spend my time telling you about how Blackburn is located in a small town with a low crime rate, about our great faculty-to-student ratio, how our Softball team did incredibly this year, how we were ranked #2 best value in the Midwest by US News,  or how we are the only school in the country student-managed work program. However, that stuff is just what makes Blackburn good, what makes Blackburn great, is the people.

    With less than 600 students, Blackburn is personal to say the least. It’s virtually impossible to get lost in the crowd. If you’re not in class, somebody notices and calls you to make sure you’re okay. My advisor, Bob, not only knows my name and what I’m studying, he remembers my sister and what she wants to study when she gets to college, he knows my parents’ names and what they do for  living. When you come to Blackburn it’s hard not to feel welcome. Upperclassmen in your discipline or your dorm welcome you, ask if you need any help, help you carry your boxes in to your dorm. You walk into choir and older singers immediately welcome you in with a hand shake, a hug, and questions about your range, your experience, what you’re studying, where you’re from. There’s always someone up for a trip to nearby Springfield or St. Louis. I feel especially lucky because not only do I have awesome friends, I have two amazing roommates who not only have fun with me, but will stay on me about studying and homework. The people in the work program are also a huge part of what makes Blackburn unique and amazing. Your bosses aren’t just there to make sure the work gets done; they’re there to help you network, build a resume, and help you plan for the future.

    Here at Blackburn, we aren’t just a college or a community, we’re a family, and that’s what makes us really special.

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