Monday, June 11, 2012

Tattly: Designy Temporary Tattoos Review

    Have you ever wished that temporary tattoos were less, well, stupid? Whether you're putting them on your kids or, like myself, you're 20 years old and still love them, everybody at some point gets sick of crappy stock images stuck on your skin. Well, pushers of crappy temporary tattoos, I see your stock images and raise you my Tattlys.
    Those of you who have been following my blog for any amount of time at all already know that I love Tattlys. They're clever, sweet, witty, occasionally snarky, well designed temporary tattoos for the children and our inner children. There's one for everyone, so when you get done reading this review, go find one that suits you on their website.
    (Also, I apologize for the weird color bars on the pictures, for some reason Blogger's uploader is malfunctioning like crazy, but only on some pictures.)

To begin, packaging:

Tattlys come packaged in a card board envelope that is pretty rigid to protect your Tattlys from getting bent or ruined in the mail

Inside the card board envelope is a paper envelope with blank "To" and "From" lines in case you're awesome enough to be giving Tattlys as a gift. You'll also find your receipt inside the cardboard envelope.

And inside the paper envelope (is anyone but me getting a Russian nesting doll vibe here?), you will find your Tattlys! I got the Rainbows and the Arrows. I just like rainbows, and the arrows were probably a product of my having just re-read The Hunger Games. You will also find....

BONUS TATTLYS! Itty bitty squares of awesome that come as a surprise bonus for buying something that's already super awesome on its own.

I'm pretty sure everyone remembers how to apply a temporary tattoo, but in case you had a sad, joyless childhood, there are application directions on the back of every Tattly you buy! They also have a video on their website for the more visual learners among us.

This is (pretty much) what my Tattly looked like on. I picked one of the medium sized rainbows. The big one is about the width of my wrist, and the little ones are about the width of my thumb. Bear in mind that the appearance of your tattoo is based heavily on where you put it. If, like me, you put it in a more bendy place, it may crack and not last as long.

Free tip! The life of your temporary tattoo can be extended from a couple days to an additional week by putting a thin layer of clear nail polish over the top. I've heard that putting liquid bandage on it also works, but I haven't tried it.

And this is how it looked once the nail polish dried. It really doesn't effect the appearance of your Tattly much at all, except maybe making it slightly shinier. 

Below is a picture I took of my with the Tattly as well as pictures of a few other Tattlys I've had. Enjoy.

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  1. thank you so much for the detailed review, been looking into buying some of these!