Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Warped Tour Survival Tips: For the Ladies Edition

    Okay, girls, let's be real about this: we have a whole other set of needs and issues than our guy friends when it comes to being out all day in the summer. Warped Tour is no exception. So, in light of that obvious issue, here are some of the best tips I've found online, plus a few of my own. For more Warped Tour tips, check out my earlier post. 
  • Don't wear a skirt/dress. I get wanting to look cute, but it's not worth it. For one thing, if you're anything above a size 6, your thighs will chafe and we all know that's no fun. Second, if you get tossed/end up crowd surfing/trip/any of the myriad of things that could happen, about 7,000 of your closest friends will get a good look at your underwear.
  • Don't wear a white/pastel t-shirt without a tank under it. Four words: Surprise wet t-shirt contest. Enough said.
  • If mother nature visits the day before stay hydrated! (For all the grossed out guys: the title says "Ladies" for a reason.) It's even more important in that situation than it would be normally because your body is shedding more fluid than normal.
  • If you're pregnant the best advice if you want to go to Warped (keeping in mind that I've never been pregnant) would be to invest the extra money in a VIP ticket. It includes access to air conditioned tents which I can only imagine would be a huge help. Also, avoid mosh pits and dense crowds like the plague, I feel like the reasons are obvious.
  • If you're wearing a swimsuit top that ties at the neck double knot it! There will always be some pervy jerk who will try to see your boobs. It's rude, it's classless, but idiots are a fact of life.
  • Take your guy into the pit with you. If you're going in the pit, you should be prepared to get hit, but there are situations where you might need some muscle to back you up if someone passes the line from moshing to just being rude.
  • Don't wear excessive jewelry. This means rings, long necklaces, tons of bracelents, a lanyard, etc. You could lose them, necklaces could get yanked off, and it's just more weight to carry on an already insanely hot day. Also keep in mind that many venues don't allow studded belts or spiked bracelets for safety reasons.
  • Bring a hair tie/ponytail holder/head band. No matter the length of your hair, it will probably stick to your face or neck, and we all know how badly that sucks. If you want to be really extra awesome, bring a couple spare hair ties for those ladies who may have forgotten.
  • DO NOT wear flip flops or sandals. That is, unless you like getting your feet stomped on and having your shoes broken; in that case, go right ahead.
  • Bring Handy Wipes or a small travel container of baby wipes. You'll get hot and sweaty, and unless you like smelling like a van full of construction workers, you're going to want something to at least clean up a little.
  • Bring a plastic baggie with: bobby pins for your bangs and/or the little wispy hairs at the nape of your neck, a mini deodorant, the aforementioned hair ties, a chap stick.
  • Last but NOT least, don't wear tons of make up. All that's going to happen is that you'll sweat it off and look worse than you would have had you just gone natural.
Well, ladies, enjoy and have a great Warped Tour!

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