Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Five things for your dorm room that you'll use more than you expected.

Surprise! Bonus post today!
  1. Baby wipes. Possible uses include: Removing makeup, cleaning sticky hands in a hurry, wiping up spills, cleaning up art supplies, quick fix for spills on clothes and shoes.
  2. Coffee maker. Sure, you expected to use this, but did you think it would be to cook ramen noodles, re-heat mac and cheese, melt butter for rice krispies, or heat water for a hot water bottle?
  3. First aid kit. It makes you feel like a goober to even have one, but your mom made you take it. But then you scrape your knee falling on the stairs: band-aid. You have a wicked migraine: Tylenol. You sprain your wrist: Ace bandage. 
  4. Broom. Dorms are, more often than not, older buildings which means they collect dust fast. You'll be sweeping your floor way more than you did at home. We hope.
  5. Hat/Earmuffs/Scarf. If you go to school above the Mason-Dixon, chance are you get some snow or at least some cold weather. While that may not have been a problem in high school, you now have to walk across campus in it.

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