Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things I could complain about, but won't and why.

  1. I don't have a car. But I do have legs that work, a functional bicycle, and everything I need on a daily basis withing walking and/or biking distance.
  2. I don't have everything I want. But I am blessed that I have never know true want or hunger. While I don't always have everything I desire, I can never remember a time when I didn't have everything I needed.
  3. I get frustrated and anxious because of a demanding schedule. But I am so lucky to be able to pursue something I am passionate about, and I'm lucky enough to have teachers and peers that will push me beyond what I'm comfortable with.
  4. I don't have time or money to pursue all of my interests. But I have never been discouraged from trying something new. When I wanted to be a ballerina, my parents encouraged me to practice hard. When I wanted to be a cowgirl, they encouraged me to learn how to ride. When I wanted to be a poet, they gave me endless feedback on my work. When I finally landed on being an Artist, they encouraged my progress and help me find ways to make money with my talents.
  5. My sister sometimes takes my stuff without asking. But she always supports me, loves me, thinks I'm cool, asks my advice, and is my best friend.
  6. My laptop occasionally malfunctions. But I have a laptop, and my dad and my friends always know how to fix it.
  7. I can't always buy new clothes when I want to. But I'm blessed with a gift for bargain shopping and the ability to alter clothes to look awesome, different, and unique.

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