Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Take What You Need, window gardens, moving, and secrets.

    I recently found a really cool social project on Facebook called the Take What You Need Project. I had seen a few of the signs before, but I didn't know what it was about. Basically, people make signs with those little tabs at the bottom with needs like love, patience, courage, etc, and put them up in public places like schools, student centers, coffee shops, work places, churches, dorms, power poles, or anywhere else that people will see it. It's a really neat way to encourage people in a subtle way. To be a part of the project, all you do is take a picture of the sign and post it to Facebook. Boom, done. Signs can be whatever you want them to be, here are some examples:

    In other news, I've finally started my window garden. I have 2 basil and 4 cilantro plants. I can't wait until they sprout! I always enjoy having live plants in my room as well as the aquatic pets we're allowed to have in dorms. I have a turtle named Jude and my new roommate has a salamander. Yes, new roommate. I'll be moving down stairs to the first floor of the same dorm later this week. I'll be sad to leave my room, but I'm excited to have a roommate again. I'm a really social person, so I live well with other people.

    Speaking of people I love, have you ever heard of The Piano Guys? A few weeks ago, I found a mash up they did of Beethoven's 5th and OneRepublic's "Secrets" that's absolutely phenominal. You can just feel how much the cellist loves what he does. There's also a gorgeous, deep red electric cello featured in the video. I seriously encourage you to check it out:

    Well, that's about all I've got for you. Thanks for hanging with me while I get the whole blogging schedule down. Have an excellent week and an even better weekend!

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