Monday, February 13, 2012

Twitter hashtags, Ronnie Radke, and other things that are more interesting than my homework.

    Anyone who has ever been in college or high school or middle school or any other place that requires you to do things you don't want to do can tell you that, the second you sit down to do your homework, everything you own suddenly becomes fascinating. Your fingernails obviously need painted! How could you have neglected them for so long? And now seems like the perfect time to finish up the 3 projects you've started in the last week. Your floor is obviously filthy! You really should take a quick break to sweep. By this point you could really use a snack, so you stop to make yourself some Easy Mac, and now that you think of it, you told your Sculpture classmates that you would make a mix CD to listen to during class. You glance down at Industrialization, Activism, and Ideologies of Progress, 1780-1930, and think, "I still have so much time. It's only 8:30." Suddenly you realize that your clean laundry has been laying on your bed for the better part of a week and that's driving you nuts, so you have to fold it. 
    By the time your closet has been reorganized, you've run to Subway with your friends, sorted your recycling, filled out some paperwork, drawn a teeshirt for a design contest, glued your shoe where the sole was peeling off, sewn a pocket on your tank top, taken a shower, cleaned your George Foreman, re-hung two posters, vacuumed your microscopic throw rug, fed your turtle twice, filled in a few events in your day planner, texted your sister, alphabetized your DVDs, cleaned out your desk, checked on your Etsy store, checked your email, checked your Facebook, checked your Pinterest, checked your Twitter, realized you have far too many internet accounts, played with your Sims, broken your Wite-Out container, and blogged about your procrastination, it's 12:30 and you have the sudden, painful realization that you might as well take 5 minutes to make yourself some coffee, because you're not sleeping tonight. 

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