Friday, August 6, 2010

About the Blogger

Hey, I'm Larra. I go to Blackburn College where I'm majoring in Art. I love to do anything artsy and I'm always singing. I'm a video game failure. Ash and Dillon are slowly getting me into anime and manga. I usually have a camera and I'm always taking pictures. I aspire to be a band photographer, and/or/possibly a photojournalist. 

I talk too much, laugh too loud, and love too deeply. I am a Christian, but I don't believe it is my place to judge. I have black friends, white friends, gay friends, straight friends, bi friends, Christian friends, and Atheist friend; I love every single one of them.

I stand up for what I believe in. I am not a fantastic driver. I love to get involved. The City Museum in St. Louis, MO is one of my favorite places in the world. I want to be Julia Nunes when I grow up.

I love local music, good food, interesting quotes, offbeat art, and learning new things. Lyndie and I argue film versus digital all the time, and I'm sure she will never understand my passionate love affair with Photoshop. 

I'm excited about college, yet terrified to leave all of my friends from childhood up through high school.

I am a fountain of useless information. I hope to change the world through art and love. I bake a mean apple pie. I have a texting addiction. I drink too much caffeine. I have seen the" Lord of the Rings" trilogy about a thousand times. "V for Vendetta" and "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" are movies the whole world should see. I know of about a thousand amusing websites.

I may not know you, I may never meet you, see your face, speak your name, or share a meal with you, but I love you.

A few favorite quotations:
"Seventeen is an inconvenient time to have fallen in love." -Gayle Forman
"When I grow up, I want to be nothing at all." -My Chemical Romance
"True love is your soul's recognition of it's counterpoint in another person." -Wedding Crashers
"A government should be afraid of its people." -V

"Jello is delicious!" -em "me too!" -me
"sex is good until marraige.....wait!" -cj smithey

"aww...i love it...its hideous." -Arielle (or REL)
"ive had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasnt it." -groucho marx
"you see, twitchy, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade....and then that lemonade goes bitter and ferments and turns into pig swill." -the wolf on hoodwinked

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