Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why does corporate America hate college students?

    Let's be realistic here, people: college students make up one of the largest demographics in our nation. America, as a whole, had a larger college-bound graduating class in 2010 than ever before. So, if I am Big Retail Chain XYZ, wouldn't I want to make my product more accessible to this undeniably huge people group? College students are, generally, broke. At least those of us who lack a trust fund and a Lamborghini are broke, which speaks for at least 80% of America's college population. Thus, we don't really have a ton of spare cash just laying around, waiting to be spent on a $150 bed-in-a-bag. Of course I realize the cost of inflation, and the fact that labor outsourcing is destroying our economy, but can't our largest retailers use the drive and ingenuity that our nation was founded upon in order to create a comparable-to-better product, at a legitimately accessible price?

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