Sunday, August 22, 2010

The College Adventures: Day 0

     So, I'm in my dorm with my roommate, Morgan, who is pretty awesome. I'm kind of nervous about college and stuff, but I'm excited at the same time. It's like this whole new world of possibilities and choices. I miss my friends and family, but I'm psyched to make new friends in my classes, dorm, and job. Tomorrow we have tons of activities and crap to do like a job fair, book groups, house meetings, comedians, etc etc etc.
     Anyway, Morgan is so asleep right now and I just went upstairs to see Kallie and Ruthie so that was fun. I might sleep at some point tonight, after attempting to finagle some more of my tee shirts into my closet and/or dresser. Tomorrow I need to wash some laundry and remember to eat lots of protein (see, Mom and Dawn, I AM remembering). I'm looking forward to classes starting on Wednesday, call me a nerd, but I am. My room is still looking a little bare, but photos and posters will help with that soon. I certainly hope that sleeping habits aren't an issue for Morgan and I. She sleeps with an iPod though, and I can keep my nocturnal behavior quiet, so we should be okay.
     Well, I've got to go call my family and then get to bed eventually. Gotta look bright-eyed and lookin' spiffy for the job fair. Nighty night lovelies!

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