Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The College Adventures: Day 2

Things that are new and different about college:

  • Shared showers. Not that Jones has a huge congestion problem, I mean 8 girls to 2 showers per wing isn't bad at all, but it's sort of nerve-wracking that the only thing separating me, showering, and the whole rest of my wing is a shower curtain.
  • Structured meal times. No more eating whatever I want whenever I want. This is probably a positive change, but it's another thing to adjust to.
  • Choosing my own church. It's a neat choice to be able too make! I am so blessed to attend a college with such a wide faith base and so many options!
  • My jankety air conditioner! Blarg! It decided when it deigns the time appropriate to work or not.
  • Being spoken to like an adult by faculty and staff. That's pretty nice.
  • Sharing a room. Okay, so it's not technically new, but I haven't done so since I was 10.
  • Not having wireless internet. Oh, wireless router, how I do miss thee.
  • Not. Washing. Dishes. Buahaha.... (Not entirely true. I washed my bowl and Morgan's fork after eating ramen noodles for lunch today. I am aware that I am now a college stereotype.)
To be continued....

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